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Yelp 101
This whitepaper shows you how to use dentistry's #1 review site to protect your online reputation and attract new patients. Download Now
Facebook 101
A step-by-step guide for setting up your Facebook business page and what to post once you have a page. Download Now
The Ultimate Guide to New Patient ROI
This step-by-step guide walks you through one of the most important calculations in dentistry – determining how much a new patient is worth to your practice. Download Now
Selling Patients on CEREC, Zoom, Invisalign & Other Treatment Technologies
Learn how your existing technology can attract more patients and increase case acceptance. Download Now
5 Secrets of Dormant Patient Reactiviation
Proven tips to reactivate dormant patients and reclaim the thousands of dollars in production hiding in your patient files. Download Now
SEO Decoded
This report explains what SEO (search engine optimization) is, why it’s so important, and how to maximize SEO for your dental practice. Download Now
Using CEREC to Build Your Practice
This report outlines easy-to-implement marketing strategies to help promote your advanced technology as a benefit to new and existing patients. Download Now
Website Reality Check
This exclusive report analyzes websites from over 1,000 dental professionals nationwide. Find out how your site compares to the best in the business. Download Now
Website Warning Signs
Does your website need help? Not sure? Learn about the 13 warning signs that your site might need an upgrade in this whitepaper. Download Now
Calculating The Value Of A New Patient
This whitepaper walks you through how to calculate the value of a new patient by discussing average spending, advertising, return on investment and more. Download Now
10 Things Patients Hate About Your Website
We’ve compiled a list of common items patients dislike most about dentists’ websites. This whitepaper can show you how many of these problems affect your site and how to correct them. Download Now


Dental Coverage 2.0 feat. Bernie Stoltz 
Watch Fred Joyal and special guest Bernie Stoltz from Fortune Management as they show you how to turn your practice's insurance and dental plan offerings into the ultimate patient acquisition/retention machine. Watch Now
Facebook Rock Stars feat. Dr. Anissa Holmes 
Watch Fred Joyal and special guest Dr. Anissa Holmes for an eye-opening look at how Dr. Holmes' practice successfully attracts over 50 new patients a month via social media. Watch Now
No More No-Shows feat. Gary Takacs 
Watch Fred Joyal and special guest Gary Takacs as they reveal 5 surefire strategies for radically reducing broken appointments. Watch Now
The Money Makers - The Best Investments 
The inside story on how using advanced technology can grow your practice - the good, the bad and the ugly. Watch Now
Patients, Production & Profits 
From critical practice areas to alarming trends, you'll hear about things you never knew - and should know right now to succeed. Watch Now
Staffing Secrets for Long-Lasting Success 
Hear about important topics such as: happy staff = happy patients, putting employees first, motivating your team and more. Watch Now
What Dental Patients Want 
Fred Joyal shares the surprising secrets that maximize patient acquisition, retention and case acceptance. Watch Now
5 Non-clinical Reasons Why CAD/CAM Is Essential 
Join CAD/CAM technology offers huge advantages that make dentists more efficient and precise in their dentistry. But that’s only part of the story; join Fred Joyal in this webinar to find out the rest. Watch Now
9 Reasons Your Marketing Isn't Working
Fred Joyal explains the most common issues that hinder dental practice marketing - and shows you how to quickly fix them to attract more patients and boost revenue. Watch Now
Empty Chairs, Empty Bank Account
Fred Joyal explains how sticking with old school appointing practices costs dentists new business - and shows you how to quickly fix them to attract new patients and boost revenue. Watch Now
The Changing Role of The Dental Office Manager
Fred Joyal shares the eye-opening results of our exclusive national survey of 1,064 office managers, reveals 5 key issues our survey uncovered and provides practical steps you can take to address them. Watch Now
Go Ask Fred LIVE!
Fred Joyal takes live questions from dental professionals about their toughest dental marketing challenges. Watch Now
Becoming Remarkable: Creating a Dental Practice Everyone Talks About
Based on his new bestseller, dental marketing expert Fred Joyal examines how dental practices can thrive in a rapidly evolving marketplace by embracing recent shifts in patient behavior, new technology, and the economy of the industry. Watch Now   
Group Dental Practices: What Dentists Really Think About DSOs
Fred Join a group practice? Go it alone as a solo practitioner? See which career path is right for you as Fred Joyal explores the findings of our exclusive national survey of 977 dentists. Watch Now
The Ex Files - Clues to Reactivating Dormant Patients
Fred shares his 5 keys to a successful reactivation strategy and shows you proven ways to tap into the production hidden in your dormant patient files. Watch Now
Google Hates Your Website
Join Fred Joyal as he shares easy fixes that turn underperforming practice websites into search engine superstars. Watch Now
Office Manager Game-changers
Fred Joyal & Heather Colicchio (founder of AADOM) team up to explore how office managers can get the most of all their resources. Watch Now
Bridging the Gap
Fred Joyal reveals the surprising disconnects hidden in the average dental practice and shares easy tips for bringing everyone together for the best possible results. Watch Now
The Tech Effect 
In this Webinar, Fred walks you through the most important updates you can make to harness the power of online marketing and stay competitive in the digital world. Watch Now
Dental Marketing In The Digital World 
In this Webinar, Fred reviews of a nationwide survey covering areas such as: websites, reviews, resources and more. Watch Now
Facebook Rules The World 
Join Fred Joyal in this webinar as he shows you how to create a Facebook presence that brings in new patients, keeps your present patients engaged and helps define your online reputation. Watch Now


Turn a "Shopper" into a "Keeper"  
Download Now
5 Tips For More Profitable Production  
Download Now
Reducing No Shows  
Download Now
Gathering Patient Testimonials  
Download Now
7 Habits of Highly Successful Practices  
Download Now
New Patients Offer Higher Profit Margins  
Download Now
Why Postcard Reminders Aren't Enough  
Download Now
Online Activity is "Booming" for Patients Over 50  
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How to Appear on the First Page of Google
Dentists are always asking how to make their website appear on the first page of Google. Fred shares his response in this new video. Watch Now
Why You Should Use Facebook
Discover why just a few minutes a day on the #1 social media network is a smart investment in your practice's success. Watch Now
The Value of a New Patient
Watch Fred Joyal as he runs the numbers and shows you how surprisingly little it takes to produce impressive long-term gains for your practice. Watch Now
5 Website Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making
Fred Joyal reveals the 5 most common website mistakes dentists make – and how to avoid them. Watch Now
When Bad Things Happen to Good Websites
Fred Joyal's new short video reveals easy tips that will turn your site into the ultimate patient acquisition tool. Watch Now   


The Changing Role of the Dental Office Manager
Read results from over 1,000 dental office managers, revealing trends and concerns within the field. Download Now
What Dental Patients Want
Report based on findings of over 3,000 consumers nationwide, gives you a look into the mind of today's dental patient. Download Now 
Advanced Dental Technology - Perception vs. Reality
Full of exclusive findings on topics such as: top-ranked dental technology, tech with the greatest profitability impact and investment ROI. Download Now   
Dental Marketing in the Digital World
Report analyzing the marketing practices of over 1,000 respondents. Covering topics such as websites, reviews, and staffing. Download Now
A Practice Divided
Based on a nationwide survey, this report reveals how office managers and dentists view marketing differently – and provides resources to help bridge the gap Download Now   
Group Dental Practices
Report reviews the results of a survey researching what dental practices mean to the future of dentistry. Download Now
The Changing Role of the Dental Office Manager (2015 Results)
Read these past results from dental office managers, revealing trends and concerns within the field. Download Now
The Changing Role of the Dental Office Manager (2012 Results)
Read these past results from dental office managers, revealing trends and concerns within the field. Download Now
What Dental Patients Want (2013 Results)
Report based on past findings from consumers nationwide, gives you a look into the mind of today's dental patient. Download Now